Creating a Safer Community Through Education on Sexual Harm


Public Speaking


Training, Workshops, and Coaching



For Young Adults

  • How most sexual assaults actually occur and what can you do to protect yourself.
  • How to identify common behaviors that are actually high risk.
  • How people end up being falsely accused of rape and how to avoid it. 

For Parents and Guardians

  • Instruction on the subject of unwanted sexual contact up to and including rape and how to talk to your kids about it.
  • How to identify elements that put your child at greater risk of victimization.
  • Address gender-specific crime concerns for young men and young women.


  • Workshops for employees on current crime trends and how to improve safety.
  • Provide specific examples of workplace sexual assaults and how to prevent them.
  • Identify areas of risk for your company related to sexual harassment and assault.